Pop C Toffee

Pop C's Toffee is delivered to your office, workplace or school free of charge in NWA. (Shipping is available across the U.S.) You can purchase festive 4.5 oz. bags for $6 and decorative 26 oz. tins for $30. Our toffee is available only for the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons.

4.5oz Bag

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4.5oz Bag


Available in three flavors:

  • Original: Our original toffee covered in milk chocolate.
  • Dark: Our toffee covered in dark chocolate.
  • Dark Black: Our toffee with a robust roasted flavor covered in dark chocolate.

Do you work in NWA? We deliver FREE to your place of work! Choose FREE delivery at Checkout. See our schedule below.

  • Monday-Tuesday: Fayetteville & Springdale
  • Wednesday-Thursday: Bentonville, Rogers, Lowell & BellaVista
  • Special deliveries available on request!
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This product contains almonds.